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04/2/2019 at Roseto Legion 7:30PM

We are a men's 8-ball pool league consisting of members from various Bars, Clubs, VFWs, and American Legions, all located in or around the following towns: Bangor, Belfast, Portland, Pen Argyl, Richmond, Slateford, and Wind Gap. Our pool matches start in September and end in May followed by our Play-offs in May. We are made of up to fourteen teams each lead by a Captain and Co-Captain with a roster of up to fifteen members. We also host an Annual Blue Valley Men's Pool League Banquet in the summer where Awards and Prizes are announced and given to the league members.


Want to know more about joining a league team? Please contact us and we will be glad to guide you to a team in your local area.


  1. All teams must have four (4) players to start a match.  If four (4) players are present the match must be played.
  2. All matches are to start at 8:00PM, according to the time on the television. If a team doesn't show up with at least four (4) players by 8:15PM, it will be an automatic forfiet with the opposing team receiving ten (10) points. The forfieting team receives zero (0) points.
  3. The Home Team lists their players first, using five (5) names at a time. Changes can be made with both Captains agreement. A player doesn't have to be present for his name to be put in the line-up; If he isn't there when it is his turn to shoot he loses the game.
  4. Home Team flips the coin, the winner has the option to rack or break. House pays.
  5. Head ball must be hit on the break. After two (2) misses, the opposing player has the option to break.
  6. Players must call a ball in pocket and make the called shot to claim high or low.
  7. All shots must be called. (Call ball and pocket).
  8. Players must hit their own ball first. Kiss shots don't have to be called.
  9. The eight ball can't be hit first in a combination shot, but can be used in the middle of the combination shot.
  10. The eight ball must be hit clean.
  11. In case of a foul called and disputed (by the players) if the players can't agree, and then the Captains can't agree, the game is played over. House pays.
  12. In the event of a scratch, and all the object balls are behind the headline for the next shooter, the object ball closest to the headline can be spotted. A ball must be totally in front of the headline to be a legal shot. The cue ball must be totally behind the headline when shooting.
  13. Maximum of fifteen (15) players on the roster at one time.
  14. Jump shots are illegal.
  15. Players can't be coached during a game, unless it is about a rule. Both Captains must be present. 1st time loss of shot. 2nd time is forfiet of game. If the eight (8) ball is involved it's an automatic loss of game.
  16. Only one player can shoot three (3) games, all others can shoot one (1) or two (2) games.
  17. A run counts as two (2) points. A run is making all your balls plus the eight (8) in your first turn shooting.
  18. The pool table must be cleaned before the match.
  19. Any dispute of a game must be registered with the President the night of the match.
  20. A player doesn't have to hit the eight (8) ball when shooting at it. The eight (8) ball must go in clean to win. If the eight (8) ball goes in on the break without scratching you win. If you scratch you lose.
  21. Any object ball leaving the table must be spotted. If the eight (8) ball is the object ball that is a loss.
  22. All balls must stop rolling for the game to be over.
  23. Only a Captain or a Co-Captain can add or take names off the master roster.
  24. All Tournaments will use league rules including the fifteen (15) minute grace period.
  25. Only if the cue ball hits the floor or drops in a pocket is the shot considered a scratch.
  26. Players must keep one (1) or two (2) feet in contact with the floor while shooting.
  27. The Home Team has priority on the table from 7:00PM to 7:30PM. The Visiting Team has priority from 7:30PM to 8:00PM.
  28. If there are forfeits, the forfeits start from game fifteen (15) and works backwards. If one team only has six (6) players, then that team forfeits games fifteen (15) and fourteen (14).
  29. Rules can be changed at a regular meeting.
  30. While a game is in progress, only the player shooting should be at the table. A Captain or Co-Captain can be asked to position themselves to get a clean view of a questionable shot, but not in a manner that distracts the shooter.
  31. A line foul must be called before the shot is made.
  32. A foul must be called immediately, all disputed fouls refer to rule #11.
  33. When racking the balls:
    1. The headball must be on the spot,
    2. The racked balls must be square,
    3. Racked balls must be tight as possible,
    4. After two (2) unacceptable racks the racking teams Captain will rack the balls.
  34. If a shooting player has a problem with his opponents team during his game. The shooting players Captain should warn the opponents Captain on the problem.
    1. 1st time is a warning,
    2. 2nd time is loss of game
  35. A player needs at least thirty (30) games for an end of year average.
  36. A foul is: To strike, touch or in any way make contact with the cue ball or any object ball in play with anything. Except the cue tip which may contact the cue ball in the execution of a legal shot. A double hit is also a foul.
  37. If a player has a scratch shot and fouls, the opposing player has "Ball in Hand" behind the Head Line.
  38. Whatever balls are to be used in Match Games are to be on the table at 7:00PM.

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